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Organifly Living Products, Panipat is one of the world’s premier textile manufacturers. Established in 2018, Organifly Living Products has built an enviable reputation globally by partnering with many of the worlds buyer requirement. By leveraging the formidable resources of factories based in India.

We offers superior sourcing and product development advantages whilst simultaneously providing fob pricing. we are your direct link to sourcing the latest global trends in home textiles including bed linen, curtains, rugs, quilts, throw rugs, Pillow cover, decorative cushions, bath towels, window furnishings, roll fabrics and much more.

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Organifly Living Products 

Our Products & Services

     We at Organifly Living Products always promise to serve our customers with the best possible quality that we can supply. Our range of textile products is available in different styles and sizes to compliment your home décor. Our solutions will help you to add a flair of style and colour to elevate the look of every room of your house. Our product range consists of baskets, rugs, wall hangings, bathmats, cushions, Pillow cover, digital print services bed covers, curtains, potholders, and throws. Along with each vibrant product that we sell you do not need to worry about its durability or quality as you have the assurance that every product will exceed your expectations.

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