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About Us

Our organization has a sources Government of India Recognized Export House that strives to enrich the textile market by offering top-of-the-line products with captivating colors and aesthetically pleasing designs. We focus on manufacturing an extensive range of premium-quality textile products such as digital printed decorative pillows, Tufted Pillows, baskets, bags, decorative poufs, Rugs, Tufted Bathmat in multicolor high range products and an assortment of accessories that appeal to our customers and help us build a relationship with them. We aim to win their trust and exceed their expectations to excel in the industry and achieve an exponential growth rate.

With customer satisfaction at the helm of our list of goals, we have ensured that we reach them by implementing the latest technology and utilizing state-of-the-art infrastructure to streamline our operation assembly. Our team comprises industry experts who are knowledgeable professionals working diligently to innovate the best products for our customers.

The master craftsmen of Panipat who have honed their textile weaving skills are the reason we decided to base Organifly Living Products in this city. Their craft and our determined pursuit of excellence has boosted us to the top, making us the fastest-growing export in the city. Strict quality control and timely dispatch of our products helps us meet the expectations of our customers in terms of product quality, thus bolstering our position in the textile exports industry.

In the short duration since we launched ourselves into the market, we have been able to successfully cater USA, UK, worldwide market to delivered our supreme quality products. Our company is completely export oriented and aims to be our customer’s preferred partner for textile products for years to come.

Bath Mat

Organifly Living Products is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of home furnishing products. Due to our exclusively conceived designs and export capacity, we have won several accolades. We have a socially compliant factory, which follows all the local laws. We have been in the weaving business for generations and have been delivering exquisite designs, textures, various yarns, and attractive embroidery marks for more than 10 years. We are a Government of India recognized export house and have won various awards in different categories. Based in Panipat, Haryana, our factory is run by professional managers and workers who are well versed with the craft and quality standards. The whole team is working efficiently to deliver what is being promised.


Our mission is to ensure business profitability by providing the highest value to our clients through innovation in designs and cost-effectiveness. Besides, we want to remain responsible through honesty, efficiency, and integrity.

Mission Organifly


To establish ourselves as the industry leader in the home furnishing industry through our excellent design, technological innovations, keeping highest-level quality through a strong focus on client experience while maintaining high business ethics.

Vision Organifly

Quality Control

Every product coming out of our factory goes through rigorous testing under the supervision of QA so that it meets the clients’ requirements. We strongly emphasize the quality that has helped us to achieve the trust and innovation we bring to our products. Quality is closely monitored during every stage of production ensuring the best product for clients.



Pricing is something we hold the upper hand at. We make sure to remain stick to the ethical principles while being cost-effective for clients through innovative ways of production. We spend enough time and money on research and development so that our clients get the best possible product at the price they look forward to.

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