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Organifly Living Products always promise to serve our customers with the best possible quality that we can supply. Our range of textile products is available in different styles and sizes to compliment your home décor. Our solutions will help you to add a flair of style and colour to elevate the look of every room of your house. Our product range consists of baskets, rugs, wall hangings, bathmats, cushions, bed covers, curtains, potholders, and throws. Along with each vibrant product that we sell you do not need to worry about its durability or quality as you have the assurance that every product will exceed your expectations.

Explore Our Products

Our range of textile products is available in different styles and sizes to compliment your home décor.


Pillow Cover

Handloom Industry

Decorative Pillows are one of the versatile accessories for your furniture. They are the source of beauty in your home and further you can place them anywhere you desire. You can spread the elegance around your abode with the help of your pillows. Decorative pillow covers from our add vibrant colors to your room. Place them on your sofa, bed or diwan to enhance the appearance. A one stop export and manufacturing place of decorative pillows. We are made decorative pillow with different technique and ideas. see bellow what we offer for export. 

Tufted Cushion

Throw & Blanket

Handloom Industry

Organifly Living Products unique blend of craftsmanship, style, and sustainability sets our bed throws and rug throws apart. Our rug throws are created using eco-friendly and responsibly sourced materials, ensuring that your choice is a conscious step towards a greener world. When you choose Organifly's rug throws, you're not just adding a decorative piece to your home; you're embracing a unique, eco-conscious narrative, where every thread weaves a story of elegance and environmental responsibility. Moreover, our sofa throw covers are easy to use and maintain and are comparatively affordable, which makes them the ideal choice for you.



Fabric Patterns

Curtains bring a classic finish to the decor of a room & Bathroom, provide an exquisite central focus, and give a touch of color to an otherwise neutral room. One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the window treatments for your home is the fabric. The type of fabric affects the hanging and drape of curtains, as well as the texture, coverage, durability, and ease of laundering. We manufacture and distribute premium quality curtains made from user-friendly material. Our curtains are categorized based on its fabric; the categories being- woven fabric, jacquard fabric, and printed fabric. We export our fantastic collection of curtains to clients located in India as well as across the globe. Curtains are used primarily for privacy and the opacity of the fabric is a crucial aspect of this. 



Pile of Fabrics

Cotton Tufted Bath Mats (Bath Rugs) in many designs, sizes, colours are produced as per demand of the buyer. Cotton Tufted Bath Mats (Bath Rugs) are made from good quality canvas fabric and yarn. Size vary from 40x60 cm to 150x200 cm as per demand. GSM from 1000 to 2500 in normal case. Design as per demand are made. Cotton Tufted Bath Mats (Bath Rugs) in any colour is possible. Mix colours are possible. Yarn Dyed or Piece Dyed Bath Mats (Bath Rugs) are made as per demand. These also work as good looking Cotton Floor Mats or Door Mats or Bathroom Mats. 


Macrame Products


Organifly Living Products arrange to create product traditionally. Macramé has been popular for centuries as a method of crafting a textile or various decorations that use several types of knots to form a basic shape. It is an easy and affordable way to add personality and decorate your home. With an infinite way of combining various types of knots, you can create both aesthetic and functional pieces. Macramé is usually either tied on a wooden frame (a macrame board) or hung from the ceiling. These all products are made export quality Products.
     What is macramé and where did it come from? Read on for a quick overview including macramé projects ideas you may not have thought of....

Macrame Wall

Hand Made Braided Products

Colorful Threads

Organifly Living Products is all about celebrating our traditional arts while giving them contemporary modern quality designs; we also give us the believe that small meticulous persistent efforts can be woven into beautiful dreams. In this context, we are proud that more than 50% of our products have been sourced from small weavers or enterprises. 
Actually, we can say about braided item A braid is a rope like thing, which is made by interweaving three or more stands, strips, or lengths in a diagonally overlapping pattern. Braiding is one of the major fabrication methods for composite reinforcement structures. It is probably the simplest way of fabric formation. 

Round Jute

Poufs & Chair

Brown Rugs

Hand Knitted Pouf Ottoman Chairs Covers for Modern Furniture Decor A Unique Decorative Woven Ottoman Foot Rest Accent Chair to complete any rooms look. - stools for any space near a couch, patio or balcony. This beautiful pouf will not only add a dash of colour and vibrancy to your home but also will fetch admiration and compliments. Made in India. Sporting vibrant colors and attractive designs, they are sure to impress your guests. Easy to clean and maintain. And is perfect for use in your living room, bedroom, family room, apartment, front porch, or college dorm room and perfect height for your legs to rest on.

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