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Printed Pouf

After a hard day at work or an evening spent out, when we come back home, all we want to do is put our feet up and relax. It may not be bed time yet but there is a way we chill, relax and let our feet recover from the rigors of our day-to-day routines. All we need is the right ottoman and pouf.

An Ottoman is a low-lying padded seat that does not have a back or a head. It can serve multiple purposes, is mostly used as a footrest and often to jazz up the décor of your home. Ottomans are often overstuffed at the top, which makes them extra comfortable to sit on.

Ottoman chairs also come in very handy when you have limited seating capacity at home and need to host a larger gathering.

Ottomans have royal lineage - its usage dates back to the Ottoman Empire, founded at the end of the 13th century. Over time, an ottoman stool has become the must-have in every home, blue blooded or not, and people have found new ways to use this versatile piece of furniture.

Serving as the perfect balance between aesthetics and utility, ottomans can be bought either as a standalone piece or as an addition to a sofa set or accent chair.

Meanwhile, a sitting pouf is used as a low seat or as a footstool. Leather poufs are by far the most popular choice among home owners, but you can also choose poufs designed in fabric, metal or wood.

Ottomans and poufs are kid-friendly and a big hit with the younger ones at home.


The most important consideration that goes into buying an ottoman or pouf is the purpose you want it to serve.

Is the ottoman chair or pouf stool going to serve as an extra space for seating? Do you want to use an ottoman stool to rest your feet while you sit back and watch television? Are you looking to amplify the chic factor of your home décor? Or do you want to use a pouf seat as a coffee table? Or will it be used as a storage space as well?

Once you decide the purpose, you need to finalize where you will place the ottoman and pouf. Is it going to be living room poufs in the center of your room or tucked away against a wall in the corner? Of course, you need to ensure it blends well with the décor of the room you are going to use it in.

We have already discussed the shapes and materials in which ottomans and poufs can be designed so those factors need to be considered as well.


Organifly Living Products has an incredible range of comfortable and stylish pouf stools and ottoman furniture and poufs that could serve any and every purpose you may have for your home. Thanks to their versatile nature, ottomans and poufs come in various shapes, materials, designs and colours.

Let’s take a look at some of the common shapes that these chic furniture items come in.


Round Ottoman seat: A round Ottoman may not be the most comfortable option for sitting and this serves more as a decorative accessory to make your room look more complete.

Square Ottoman seat: A square storage ottoman is becoming a more popular option these days as it can double up as storage space as it comes covered with a lid.

Rectangle Ottoman seat: A rectangular ottoman is a nice way to compliment your stylish chairs and sofas and can act as a foot stool. Ottoman coffee tables, which can be used to serve as a coffee table, are also catching on.

Besides shapes, ottomans and pouf stools also come in various designs and colors. If you're someone who doesn't like to experiment too much, there’s plenty of options in solid colors for you to choose from. But if you are among those who do, you can unleash your imagination and creativity to design the perfect pouf ottoman furniture for your home.

Printed ottoman stools, including newspaper prints, alphabet prints, assorted prints, abstract prints and multi-colors – there’s nothing to hold back on when it comes to ottomans and poufs.

Ottoman and pouf chairs can be also made in various designs. The most common and popular options to design these furniture all-stars are:

Leather Ottoman and Leather Pouf: For years now, the leather ottoman has been the most popular choice when it comes to ottomans and poufs. A classic leather ottoman or pouf seat is perhaps the only one that will go with any kind of furniture or interior décor.

Fabric Ottoman and Fabric Pouf: If cozy is what you are after, a fabric ottoman or fabric pouf seat may be the answer. There’s plenty of fabrics and colors to mix and match from as well. Some of the fabrics used to make pouf ottoman furniture include traditional velvet, silk, taffeta, jute, yarn and wool.

Wooden Ottoman: There’s something to be said about a classic solid wood ottoman, which brings its own charm and pedigree to a home. Sheesham wood is a popular option in case of wooden ottomans.

Knitted poufs are a great way to add a personal touch to your home and there are even weather-resistant outdoor poofs for those with a backyard or a patio. Your pouf ottoman furniture will look just as appropriate in your living room and dining room as it would in your bedroom or dressing room. That’s what makes it such a huge hit.

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