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Digital Textile Printing

At Organifly Living Products, we provide a complete solution for digital textile printing. We are among the leading service providers for digital textile printing in India. We provide solutions for digital printing on different types of natural and synthetic fabrics with customize prints across a wide array of textures, from cotton to silk, wool, linen, nylon and voile. We are available printing on digital Width from 40 inch - Wider 120 inch on all substrate like cotton and polyester.

We bring to you the latest digital textile printing solutions. The most complex concepts in textile printing in India, such as shimmering, vibration, translucence, blurring, superimposing, reflection and many more can be undertaken and delivered with utmost precision. Bring us any design of your choice, and we shall do it complete justice. We can provide printing of both photographic & tonal graphics on any fabric with any number of color variations. Our fast turnaround and product delivery time is one of our biggest strengths, owing to the high-capacity equipment and state-of-the-art infrastructure we have at our facilities. Our dedicated and highly trained team has extensive experience in the latest methodologies of digital textile printing . We can customize prints on fabrics across a wide array of textures, from cotton to silk, wool, linen, nylon and voile.

Latest digital textile printing solutions

  • Shimmering

  • Vibration

  • Translucence

  • Blurring

  • Superimposing

  • Reflection


Digital Textile Printing in India is among the most promising developments which have opened the doors for opportunities for people working in the industry. Using this technology, anything can be printed with perfection on fabric easily. It starts with reproducing digital images on a physical surface. In textile printing in India, the design is created first so that it can be printed on the fabric with accuracy using a computer. It is so simple like an image that is printed on paper easily.

Fabric Patterns

Process & Methodology

For maintaining great, consistent quality in our finished product, we have a well-structured process for the entire operation. It consists of fabric inspection, pre-treatment, printing, post-treatment and the final inspection.


Fabric Inspection

At the outset, the fabric is checked for any sort of physical damage that could prove detrimental in the printing process.



Textile printing in India involves a process where the fabric is sent for coating or padding. A must for all non-polyester textiles, it involves prepping the coated fabric with environment-friendly and safe chemicals for printing. If polyester is being used, the process is not mandatory.



Once pre-treated, the fabric is ready for printing. This important step is then taken with a great degree of accuracy and care using the latest in printing technology. For polyesters, a special heat transfer mechanism is deployed with the use of hot press machines.



In order to fix the color dyes for maximum durability, printed fabric is steamed at high temperatures such as a hundred and two degrees. This is then followed by a washing step to cleanse the fabric of any extra dyes or chemicals. The finishing is thereafter achieved with the help of softeners.


Final inspection

With meticulous attention to detail, the goods are then inspected to rule out any deviation from the strict quality standards that we adhere to.

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